Why Become a Residential Assisted Living Expert?

What will you be an expert at? 

You’re going to become an expert at something. The question is what? There’s the saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Now when you think about that, at 40 hours a week and 50 weeks in a year, that’s 2000 hours in a year, so if you devote five years of full-time effort to anything, you’ll be an expert. That job that you have that you could be an expert at, whether it be Infusionsoft, marketing online, selling a product, starting a store, or being a chef, the question is what and why. Why do you do what you do? What is it really all about for you? 

It’s your choice. 

So, what is it that you’re becoming an expert at? 2000 hours a year is 10,000 hours in five years of your life. You should decide what you’re going to devote yourself to. You could be more efficient and cut that time in half and make it 5,000 hours and get it done in one year by going to somebody else who knows what they’re doing and is willing to show you how so that you can become an expert very quickly. Because it’s not knowing something. It’s doing something with what you know. 

Learn from the example set by experts. 

Richard Branson has 300 plus companies, but not one office. You see what he focuses on is finding people that have invested their time and have the expertise. He hires them and becomes partners with them. He puts them in a position, gives them the tools and the ability to thrive in that environment. He brings people on and teams with them. He hires them to be the expert so that they tell him what to do. 

Always be an expert in communication. 

Communication is one of the things that you need to become an expert in. Maybe you are a really good team player and don’t need to be the front man. As long as the leader is heading in the right direction and you believe where you are going, then stay on that bus. 

What are you willing to do today? T

hink about how many books or articles on the subject have you read. How many webinars you have watched. Who is it that you’re hanging out with that may be able to help you? Where are you getting your input from? What is it you’re doing today will allow you to be an expert in your field, in your desire or your passion? And then we’re back to the why.  What does that mean? What is the reason? What’s the passion? I guarantee you’re going to become an expert at something. The question is, is it productive, Is it profitable, Is it something you have a passion for? Is it with the right people? Why do you do what you do? Just decide what it is you’re going to become an expert in before you move forward. 

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