The 3 Things That Could Ruin the Residential Assisted Living Market

The 3 things that could end the need for Assisted Living The three things that could absolutely wipe out the need for assisted living,

  1. The plague, I don’t think it’s coming back, do you?
  2. The expiration date, when you hit 50, they’d knock you off. They’ll do that in Hollywood, but I don’t think they’re going to do it in real life.
  3. The third would be everybody stops growing old.

The reality is none of those things are gonna happen. When we talk about the opportunity and where assisted living is going in the future, they’ve already begun with the model of let’s take a big box, let’s take an institution and let’s convert it into senior housing. 

But they want to be at home 

They want to be at home in their own home, but they need help. The reality is, there are big communities being built right now around the country. They’re called CCRCs, Continuous Care Retirement Community. It could be a campus where there’s independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, nursing home, all in one campus so somebody can move in and just age in place from one facility, one building, one service to the next. But that’s where it’s at today. People who are at home now aging 80, 90 years old, want to stay at home. They don’t necessarily want to move to a big box. They’d rather stay at home but they can’t. So the solution is residential assisted living. You know right now governments are encouraging assisted living. They’re actually changing rules, laws and regulations to make it better. The concept of assisted living in a residential setting, every state understands, they love the seniors. They want them to survive. They need their care to be taken care of and there need to be alternative solutions. There are too few beds, too few homes. They need more of them being built. They need people like me and you to help be a part of the solution. Assisted living is moving into the home in the residential setting. It’s preferable to the senior into their family. It’s not an institution, it’s not a commercial facility. It’s not painted green with linoleum floors and smelling like neglect. 

Residential Assisted Living is the solution 

Now, the wonderful thing about this as an opportunity for you and I, we are the solution.  Assisted living is coming back home and this is happening all over the country. People think when you get old, you moved to Florida or you moved to Arizona. Most people stay at home because they want to be near the kids and the grandkids. That’s their desire. So, being a part of the residential assisted living phenomenon that is happening right now, You can do this anywhere. The future of residential assisted living is the future of all assisted living. They’re coming back home, single family homes, a solution that works for the resident and their family. 

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