Can you start an Assisted Living Business?

A lot of people say, “I’ve never started a business before. I’ve never done anything like what you’ve done. Can I do it?” I want you to think about where you’re at today. Some of you are at a point in your life where you’re just going through the paces. You’re not quite sure what you really want or how to get out of the rat race, but you’re saying you want more. You’re afraid to start something new. I’m guessing that some of you are thinking there’s a lot of risks if you start something. I’m safer if I just stay where I’m at if I just keep working for the company if I just keep doing what I’m doing. I want to blow that up with you just a little bit right here. 

Are you afraid to start a business? 

I know some of you are afraid of starting a business. It’s unknown. You’ve not done it before. You are scared because you could lose money. You should be more afraid of losing time. Money can be replaced, but what you can’t replace is your time. And every day you put off doing something more or better, is a day that you’ll never get back. So I want you to dig in and think about what is it you really want. If you want help in getting to that future, I can help you. You don’t have to do it on your own. I’m willing to show you how. 

How can the RAL Academy help? 

The Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Academy is all about teaching people how to do this. We come together and we help each other in this. I’ve done it before and I’m willing to show you how, but this idea of “I’m here and I want to get there”, That’s a big gap. Let me hold your hand and walk you through. Some of you are afraid to ask for that help and yet here I am offering that help. I’m here for you.   I can’t help you with everything but I definitely can help you with starting a business, doing something new, senior housing, raising capital, all of those elements that it takes. What we do is bring it all together so that you can do it better, faster and easier. 

What is your motivation? 

You have to really think about why you do what you do. If you’re all about the money and the Glitz and the glamour, someday that’s going to wear out. The shine is going to dull. The excitement’s going to go away. Ultimately, what is it you really want? What you really want is likely to have people that love you all around you. You want to have the ability to share with other people what you have, not just your money and your things, but your knowledge, your passion, your encouragement. I can’t make you do it, but I can encourage you. I can give you the information, but again, I’m not going to make you do it. It’s who we are and what we leave behind, the legacy, family, and friends, those people, the what we do and the why we do it. 

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