Finding Your Passion in Assisted Living

Your passion is incredibly important! Whatever it is – whether it’s helping others, making money, cooking, maybe even travel – your passion is a way to connect with the world and express yourself on a deeper level. But maybe you haven’t quite found your passion yet. That’s ok! It’s not too late to find out. Here are three steps to get you on your way and help you figure out your passion: 

Step One: Explore 

Give yourself a chance to explore some different things. Sit for a moment or two and really think about what it is you really want to do; if you had the time, if money wasn’t an issue. Take out a notepad and brainstorm. Think about anything that sparks your interest or has been gnawing at you to try. Write down whatever comes to mind. Go down your list, pick one, and give yourself the chance to explore what’s really calling you. You can always pick another one to try if the first one (or few) end up not panning out. And it’s okay, not every interest is and can be your passion, but it is out there! 

Step Two: Experience and Learn 

Talk to other people, especially ones that are successful in the area you’re interested in exploring. Ask them about their experiences, how they got where they are today, what works, and what doesn’t. Offer to take them out for lunch or to grab a coffee and just have a chat to learn all you can. Learn more by utilizing all the resources you can – and there are so many! Attend seminars and conferences to expose yourself to people and thought leaders in the realm of what you’re thinking of pursuing. Read books and articles. Go online, check out forums and blog posts. Learn all you can about the subject and see if it’s really right for you or not. 

Step Three: Do! 

Just Start. Go ahead, give whatever you’re interested in doing a try! Even if it’s just one step, one small splash in the pond. Start by doing something small. Give it a go and see if it’s something that you enjoy doing, that you want to do more — if it’s really your passion. The best way to learn is by experience, by doing. Your passion is very important. Not just to you, but for other people. Your passion will bring the fire to your life and others will take notice. A person with a passion has purpose and is inspiring. If you focus on what excites you and what you’re best at, you’re going to benefit and bless so many more people than if you just do something out of obligation. We are passionate here at the Residential Assisted Living Academy.  And we help others who are passionate about making a difference and making money.  We teach our community everything they need to know for a successful start. Perhaps Residential Assisted Living could help you enjoy your passions more – or even be your passion! 

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