Is the Mom and Pop Model or the RAL Model Best for You?

Let’s talk about the Mom and Pop Model versus the RAL Model, and which would be best suited for you. We will look at the differences and how they will affect you and your life so that you can choose which model you prefer. 

Is the Mom and Pop Model for you? 

In a Mom and Pop Model, there is typically a family living in the home. In most cases it is after the kids have left home to go to college or start their own lives. Mom and Dad are now at home with a lot of empty bedrooms. They love people and enjoying taking care of others. So they open their home, have people move into those extra bedrooms, and provide food, laundry, housekeeping, and help with the activities of daily living. In this instance there is a family living in the home, they move people in to care for and they may or may not be licensed. In a Mom and Pop Model, you are there all the time, this is your home. You will not have the freedom to use the money you make to have fun. Your time is absorbed and it will be very difficult to take a day off, or find anyone who can do it all and take care of them as well as you do. However, If you want to do it all, manager, caretaker, cook, baker, candlestick maker, etc. and be hands on 24/7/365, then this may be perfect for you and you may want to consider the Mom and Pop Model.   

The RAL Model difference 

Now let’s take a look at the RAL Model and how it differs. We first focus on the right location,  You want an area and a home that you would want your own mom or dad to live in. Next is how much space will you need. We recommend at least 5 bedrooms if you are going to house 10 people and at least 300 sq feet of living space per resident. So at least a 3000 sq ft home. You can also look for a home that has add on, or conversion options to the space. In the RAL Model, you hire a manager who then hires and fires the caregivers, makes their schedules, etc. They make sure the home is filled with high paying residents and that they are taken care of. You are then the business owner. You manage the Manager. This model then frees you to enjoy the income that is being generated from the home. And if you can do it once, then you can do it twice or even three times. 

Let’s sum it up 

The Mom and Pop Model is where you live and essentially get your food and housing for free.  Not bad, but it just isn’t for everyone, especially if you want some freedom. The RAL Model makes you the business owner, with the freedom and the income to open more homes, thus maximizing the opportunity to service more people in a comfortable home environment. 

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