Business Plans For Opening An Assisted Living Home

Why do I need a Business Plan? The number one reason to have a business plan is for you, so that you have clarity of vision of who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going. The second reason, is to help raise capital. No private investor or a lender is going to give […]

How EASY Is It To Open An Assisted Living Home?

Is it easy to start an Assisted Living home? How easy is it to start an assisted living home? To those of us that own and operate these homes, we get asked that question quite often. The answer is “it depends”   I don’t know you, your background, what you’ve done, what makes sense to […]

Transforming Your Home Into Senior Housing

What exactly is senior housing? Senior housing can be anything from independent living to assisted living or even memory care or a SNF (skilled nursing facility) . For independent living, it is a home that would be considered “senior safe” with grab bars, smoke detectors, wider doors and the like. To really make it safe […]

You Don’t Have To Be The Caretaker Yourself

What if I can’t take care of mom myself? As our family ages, they start to need more. Their independence is gone and they don’t want to admit that they may not be capable emotionally or physically. So I think a lot of times, especially in the United States, we just assume that we should […]

Assisted Living Explained

What is Assisted Living? A lot of people think that assisted living means a big institution. In the old days, that’s what it was. What it is today is completely different. When you think about living at home, all of the comforts of home and there are other people in that home. One of the […]

Marketing Offline Helps Build Personal Relationships

What is Offline Marketing? Offline Marketing is having a brochure, flyers and business cards. They should look professional and be accurate and clear. You only get one chance to make a first impression. The brochures should match your website and your online presence. In addition to that, one of your biggest and probably the most […]

Hospice – Who Really Pays For It?

Who pays for Hospice care? Each and every one of us as citizens in the US has a price tag on our heads, about $26,000 of benefits through hospice. Hospice provides benefits for people for “end of life” care. The money that pays for it is provided through the government, which comes from our tax […]

Online Marketing. A Necessity in Today’s Industry

Yesterday’s Marketing vs. Today’s Marketing Years ago when we were doing business, the Internet didn’t even exist. Before there was an internet, we had things like the yellow pages. We had phones that we would dial with a rotary dial telephone. Today the world has changed, it’s very different and if you don’t have a […]

Are Mom And Dad In A Home You Feel Good About?

Do mom and dad really need to go into a “home”? You probably hadn’t been thinking about putting mom or dad into a care home for years. You ’ve just gotten to a point where it was harder than you thought and you didn’t have the time, the skills or maybe the heart. You weren’t […]

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting In Assisted Living

I’m going to suggest three things to you, and if you do them, you can experience tremendous success in Residential Assisted Living. Number 1: Learn from others. Learn from other people’s challenges, successes, and failures. Learn from other people’s mistakes whenever possible. Learn from somebody who’s actually doing what you are trying to do, not […]