The Must Haves – Looking For An Assisted Living Home

What’s the number one criteria? The number one criteria…. Location, location, location. How close is the house to the family? The resident is going to move in once, but the family will be the ones going to visit them, so it has to be conveniently located.  The Residential Assisted Living model is to use a home

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Robots & AI in Assisted Living

Robots and Artificial Intelligence. How will that affect Assisted Living? I’m sure a lot of you have heard that AI, or Artificial Intelligence, yes, actual “robots” are coming to private care homes.  They have them in hospitals right now and soon they will even be in assisted living in a residential setting. But imagine, if

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What Should Assisted Living Look and Feel Like?

What should a Residential Assisted Living home look and feel like? When we talk about the look and the feel, it’s a home so it should obviously look like a home. Sometimes people try to take a commercial building and convert it into residential assisted living and it just doesn’t work as well. Mom grew

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The Importance of Having a Business Plan

Do You really need a Business Plan?  There are two primary reasons why you should have a business plan. One is for you, one is for them. You need a road map, directions to get you to where it is that you’re going. Some of you are saying, “I’ve had businesses. I’ve been successful and

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Overbuilding in Assisted Living – Part 2

Aren’t we overbuilding Assisted Living facilities?  When we talk about overbuilding, You should know that there’s a lot of inventory coming and there is a reason for that.  The need is HUGE and the opportunity is incredible. In our classes, one of the common questions we get is, “five years from now are we really

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Is Assisted Living the Business for You?

Can you start an Assisted Living Business? A lot of people say, “I’ve never started a business before. I’ve never done anything like what you’ve done. Can I do it?” I want you to think about where you’re at today. Some of you are at a point in your life where you’re just going through

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