The Daily Life of a Residential Assisted Living Owner

What is day to day life like owning an Assisted Living Home?  Well, number one, no day is the same. The reality is what you’re looking for is the manager to take care of business, find the residents, take care of the family, hire the caregivers. The day to day life that you have in

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Lawsuits in Residential Assisted Living

Will I ever be sued?  In Residential Assisted Living you’re going to get sued, and let me explain why it’s no big deal. The reality is we understand what the liabilities and the risks are. We have insurance to protect ourselves from it. But when people move into our homes, they’re being taken care of,

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How Can You Make Money in Residential Assisted Living?

How to make money in assisted living.  That’s what everybody wants to know. I’m going to share with you the three best ways to get started right now, making money in Residential Assisted Living. 1 – Own the real estate, lease it to an operator and make higher than market rent with a long term,

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