Online Marketing. A Necessity in Today’s Industry

Yesterday’s Marketing vs. Today’s Marketing

Years ago when we were doing business, the Internet didn’t even exist. Before there was an internet, we had things like the yellow pages. We had phones that we would dial with a rotary dial telephone. Today the world has changed, it’s very different and if you don’t have a website for your business, it’s as if you don’t even exist. Try to find a business today that doesn’t have a website or how to even get the directions to get there, it can be incredibly difficult.

How should we start marketing online?

Your website is the first place that somebody’s going to search to find you. First impressions do matter, so you want to have an excellent website. It’s gotta look good, the colors, the logo. Your business has to have a name. So what is the name of Your Business? Choosing a name itself and then choosing logos or even the font style that you use are all important to your success. Marketing online begins with having a name, logo, a website.

How will they find us online?

First, Google has locating services where you can search on Google. You would start with a search by and saying, I’m looking for assisted living in this town or this zip code. That search will take them right to the homes like yours that are in your geographic area. But if you’re not listed there, or if you have a website but you didn’t connect those dots, it won’t know how to direct people to you. You need to have not only the website, but you need to have it listed properly so people can find you.

The next piece is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization or keywords. When somebody is looking for things online, they’re going to put in keywords like: assisted living, elderly, or senior housing. If your website has the proper keywords and SEO or search engine optimization, people are going to be able to find you. Now, if you don’t have the correct keywords in there, it’s going to be hard to find you. If you’re not connected and easy to find it’s going to be harder to be successful.

Are there other resources we can use?

You would benefit greatly and save yourself a lot of time by using professional that know what they are doing to help you create all of the marketing elements that you will need. They’re the ones that know how to create effective websites and banner ads. If you click on a “banner ad” it will take you to their website or a landing page. You should have that for all of your businesses as well. There are also QR codes that you can create and use. Those are the square boxes with a bunch of squiggly lines that you point your phone to and click and it’ll take you right to their website or landing page. That QR code is another way to get exposure electronically. If all of that sounds like a foreign language, don’t despair just call a pro to do that all for you.

Most people don’t even understand that even in this industry, you should be out there advertising and ensure that you can be found online. The ability to be found electronically is critically important to your success.

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